Nub®: The revolutionary friction block.

On 12 novembre 2014 by Louis

For immediate release: Nub®: The revolutionary friction block.

Make heavy load gear easy to use and cheap? Priceless (actually €39.99 for à pair!)!


Unveiling @ 2014 Paris Boat Show.

The Nub®: A new spherical friction pulley which is not afraid of taking heavy loads.

At 16 grams the Nub® is capable of holding more than four tons of static weight. Already equipping a number prototype racing boats, at an unbeatable price – can it get much better?

Michel Sauget and Francois Angoulvant the designers well known throughout the yachting world have joined forces with Gréement Courant S.A (French for “Running Rigging”) at Morges, Switzerland, a company specializing in designing cutting edge technical solutions and textiles for racing yachts worldwide.

At 16 grams the Nub® is a new spherical pulley which is not afraid of taking heavy loads. During testing, the 10mm Dyneema rope snapped before the Nub® showed any signs of strain – the load was 4.7 tons. This was not surprising considering the strength of the polyplastic materials used to produce the Nub®.

The other benefits of the Nub®, compared to standard pulleys, go without saying : small size, low friction and lightweight design.

 A very secure design: Its innovative design means the moving sheet moves though the static sheet resulting in absolute security and a secondary defense.

 Its uses: The Nub® is fully adaptable to all areas on the boat and can be operated – but not limited – for runners, backstays, barber-haulers, inhauler, and even shrouds connections. Unlike many other pulleys or friction rings, the Nub® can be fixed to a preloaded rope, or with a simple lashing.

 An original design : your deck will have a lean look !

Louis Heckly and Bill Leclerc from Gréement Courant S.A, key preparators for TP52’s and many other internationally renowned racing yachts, always have Nubs® at hand to manage the unexpected. Their enthusiasm inspired the inventors to create and market this revolutionary new pulley in  a fast evolving market: Michel Sauget of Delta Sails in La Trinité and Francois Angoulvant (president of Class40 Association ) has equiped his Sabrosa 40 RC2 (Route du Rhum) with 18 Nub’s®!

Standing Rope Diameter: 12mm. max.

Running Rope Diameter: 10mm. max.

We hope to see you during the Paris Boat Show! You can find us at the Yacht Club de France booth, Hall 1 – K79  , Friday 5th of December at 2:00 p.m. for the inauguration  and presentation of our new and revolutionary product.

Price: €39.90 for two units.

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Download Nub® Press Release #1


Please share! And if you have any questions, you now know where to find us!

See ya @ Paris Boat Show,

Ken ar c’hentañ !

B & L.

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