No rabbits for a “saily” Easter- but mind the cats and dogs !

On 12 avril 2016 by Louis

We are back from Brittany ! On one hand the Spi Ouest France – Destination Morbihan (as we were asked to name the event during the briefing), which was pretty complicated as you may have heard, and on the other hand, an absolutely great SNIM in Marseille. Stuff happened during this Easter week-end. Here it is in a few (non-exhaustive) words, from da South and da Brittany…

1.    The Emperors coronation did not happen

Félix, the Ker39’, did not win the IRC1.0 Class. Nor in IRC1 for that matter.

2.    Down South

Team Vision Future, takes it all in Marseille. 8 races, 7 bullets – not bad ! Especially as we have been rigging this TP52’ since a while and … yes, we are pretty damn proud of it. We did mention that we would keep a close eye on the TP52’ IRC series in Southern France. I have just put the phone down with Baba, who was on-board Vision Future: @robas 2, previously B2 will have crossed only once ahead of their bow. However, Gérard Logel’s team, including Marc Bouët, has only just set hands on the former overall winning boat of the 2015 Middle Sea Race. So there should be some great racing to come – really looking forward to Porquerolles!

In the IRC2 division, Glen Ellen, Dominique Tian’s A40 RC, comes-in second behind another A40 RC! Great stuff there too. It has been heard that the Marseille team may be considering another boat… At Gréement Courant, we already have a slight idea of what could follow…

And as a gift, a wee recap from the brilliant Gilles Martin-Raget and Guillain Grenier, who really know their trade – take a look at this superb vid.

3.     The Spi Ouest, and that’s where we were this year:

Here is a brief overview of what was muttered onshore during the event:

-“Jhee, this ain’t cats and dogs coming down, it’s flippin cows and donkeys!”,

-“Bloody lazy wind, it’s not going around me, it’s going through me!”,

- »I’d hate racing this Spi Ouest on a Diam 24′! »

-“Ok, enough of this darling, let’s go and get friendly in a tent!”,

-“Oh my, it would feel dryer having a bath”,

- »I’d hate racing this Spi Ouest on an IRC! »,

-“Shouldn’t we get a one-way-ticket for the SNIM in Marseille?”,

-“Can somebody please give me the IRC 1.0 results”,

-“What do you mean Felix is not leading!?”,

-“Hey, could I have another beer please?”,

- »Happy with your brand new weather gear? »


Only a few verbatims, but it gives you a flavour of what it was like. Nonetheless, all series managed to validate the event, thanks to the highly competent race committees led by Christophe Gaumont acting as PRO. Many thanks to him and to them. After all, this sport is reliant on weather conditions, but not only : The « Affaires Maritimes », sponsors, the “Region” (French jurisdiction), in other words a whole bunch of folks that the committee also needs to manage. So when that same committee says or requires something, one needs to follow their indications, with a smile and even a thank you would do no harm!

3.2          The new Milon 41’ “QUALICONSULT”:

Launched 15 days before Easter, our objective during the Spi Ouest was to discover the beast and find the right buttons. If we struggled a bit in the medium-light conditions on the Friday, we know why. A few rig tweakings, and sail tunings… It was already getting better up-wind on the third race. Down-wind, the boat is fast. Very fast. And the potential is huge. Without losing ourselves in details – given we will dedicate an article to the boat in a later post – this Jullien/Valer design is without a doubt well-born. The following day, in a stronger breeze and on a costal race, the boat – built at Charlie Capelle’s in the Technologie Marine yard – showed us what she was made for… She is fast and comfortable up-wind, but once you ease the sheets a bit, let’s say around 100°,  she is an absolute rocket. Without any jib-top or any other fu**ing reaching sails by the way… And right under our competitor’s noses, who saw us race past them for good… Have to admit that we are eager to enrol in the Grand Prix du Crouesty, but also in the RORC season with either a Commodore’s Cup or an IRC European championship during Cork Week

Quick interview of the co-designer Thomas Jullien HERE.

3.3          The Gréement Courant drink

The good thing when it’s blowing a gale, is that it gives us time to focus on the critically important stuff. This year it is with the MACH 6.5 class and our dear friend Manu Guedon, that we took up residence at the CARRÉ, best bar in town if it were, on the Sunday evening. Inevitably, it was raining – not men – but it was nonetheless coming down in sheets, therefore the quay was not really an option for our drink. However, it was a great opportunity for us to thank our clients, hand out T-shirts, storm lighters, or our newly-born-mini-ceramic-penknives-that-any-sailor-must-have… These great wee knives are now available for sale at 14€ (excl. transport cost). To place an order ? Nothing could be more simple : a note on OUR FACEBOOK PAGE, or just an email greement(at)

There were many people, the beer flowed and overflowed (the 2 barrels were downed in the targeted 2 hours), music and friends. Sailing is also about this and let us not forget it! See you next year, you won’t be disappointed… it will be Gréement Courant S.A’s 10th anniversary!

 4.    Coming up

As soon as we find the time, as here we are swamped with D35s and other M2s who are being put to water with all the inevitable rigging required, you will hear back from us with an article about the Milon 41’. There may also be a prickly red-hot post to come, with a few fun videos… In the meantime, Bill is waiting for some wind to round Lipari Islands @ Roma Per Tutti, as for me, I will keep myself busy with admin stuff…

And if ever you are that impatient to read us, plug yourself into THIS, it’ll do you damn good.

You stay classy San Diego,


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