Godforsaken Swiss/Scottish! (And Happy New Year hummm!)

On 18 janvier 2016 by Louis

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In other words, our way of sending you our best wishes.


Gréement Courant S.A. is on full pelt in this early part of the season – with a lot of stuff going on. First of all, our best wishes for 2016 – we have up to January 31st for this, but we don’t want to miss out on the opportunity!

 “Happy New Year to all, health, happiness, prosperity, great sailing, laughs, friends, bla, bla…”



Coming back to our primary area of attention : TP52′, hard-core IRC, Class40, a bit of Maxi, are keeping us busy during this month of January. But not only…

Your humble correspondent has just come out of a nasty shoulder surgery, with screws, nuts and bolts and all the other fancy devices making airport security controls ring. Therefore, sailing is put on hold for now until at least late April. Painful is what it is, it had to be done, and it’s … done !

 Wil is full-on managing the distribution of the now famous Nub®, the small friction block, which did not end-up becoming a “floating pontoon”, and which ultimately did not win the DAME awards at the METS, even though it was nominated. However, it did meet a major success with our Dutch friends. The fact of sharing a booth with Ino-Rope and their new block, made us two nominees for the DAME AWARDS on the same platform. And that generated momentum. Check this out : the “Best in Show” from Sailing Anarchy (Find the full video here), many international press articles, and a rat race amongst distributors wanting the product in their respective countries.  A lot more good stuff to come on the site www.nub-connectics.com, and on the Nub® Facebook Fan Page.

As far as Bill is concerned, he is managing all the rest. Inventory, first week of road trip : Rome in Italy for a Class40’, Monaco for the Primo with a TP52’ and away to la Trinité-sur-Mer for the launch and the rigging of Jacques Pelletier’s brand-new IRC prototype – Le Milon 41′, a Valer/Jullien design which has already generated a lot of talk.


That’s it for the rigging part of the news. Now our favourite one for this new year… You may recall Dom A.K.A. « El Pulpo » and his bagpipes, faithful crew member of our classical and metric regattas, which we seriously “pimped” some time ago ? (The pipes, not the man, huh!?)

Well here is what our Scottish friend does in order to stay in shape in between two seasons… Together with Alex and Igal (another worthy seaman), these rascals had fun attempting to make the pipes ring on Europe’s roof top at 4810m. And at Gréement Courant we love this maverick stuff – when good sailors do good stuff. Turn the volume up, switch the HD on and enjoy !

Bagpipes au Mont Blanc from igalm2 on Vimeo.

Don’t forget to urgently “Like” the Gréement Courant S.A. FACEBOOK FAN PAGE. More great info to come, and especially a new set of « shoot yourself in the foot » pics and videos. You won’t be disappointed…

That’s all for now folks, and don’t forget that if I can’t splice nor sail for the moment, my typing is more scathing than ever !

Listening to : THIS LITTLE THING @ the workshop, just because it’s good…

Happy 2016 to ya all,

You stay classy San Diego,


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