And it’s gonna be… Spi Ouest France!

On 21 mars 2016 by Louis

And that’s not only it!

Following a trip to Southern France to rig the TP52’ Team Vision Future (and nearly on time to welcome our friends from the VOR70 SFS who won the ‘900 Nautiques de Saint-Tropez – both in real and corrected time – congrats to them!), we just have time to briefly update you on our latest news. As usual we are under water these days, so here it is in a nut shell…

1- Easter Weekend:

In France, the usual suspects, with two major events. The SNIM in Marseille and the Spi Ouest France at La Trinité-sur-Mer. This year, it is in Brittany that you will find us. As always, and thanks to Jean-Marie from Le Carré56, best bar in town, there will be a Gréement Courant drink. Date and location are yet to be defined, and if I were you, I would urgently go and ‘like’ the Gréement Courant fan page on Facebook so as to not forget the event. A rigging company providing beer galore on pontoons, was: one, our idea, and two, is a year on year success! On top of this, there will be goodies and surprises…

This being said, we will not be at the Spi Ouest ONLY for this reason. Our rigging van will be on-site as always. If you need equipment, tips or a hand, let us know (but hey, outside of office hours please, as we will also be sailing – I’ll come back on this…)

Your humble correspondent, time permitting, will continue providing small video series, interviews on-shore, as we did during the NAUTIC. News, friends, clients – in other words all the info you will need to have regarding the event.

On the sailing side, it will be on-board the brand new Milon 41’ « Qualiconsult » that Bill and I will be providing our services, in the IRC 1 series. The Valer/Jullien design, built at the Technologie Marine yard and very recently launched, has generated a lot of talk. Some say it could be the new kicking-ass IRC machine… Regardless, the latest runs are very promising, as is its IRC rating. But as we say in French, it is at the end of the cattle fair that one counts the cowpats.

My left shoulder still faring well with products found in a hardware store, I will be compelled to operate in what a bowman considers the ‘no man’s land’, meaning aft of the mast. Therefore Bill, will for once have to bear my vocal rear-guard orders (many sail changes, ballet looking manoeuvres, just as pure and gratuitous revenge hehe!)…

As our dear friend ‘le Sbire’ would put it: “Watch out, the more you move aft on a boat, the closer you get to the quay side and … get fired! ». For now, a few pics of the beast, in its ‘gorgeous’ bluish colour.

From the South, we will be keeping a close eye on the Marseille event, with the two TP52’ Team Vision Future & @robas2, both clients of ours for quite a while, taking part to this 51st edition of the the SNIM. In the mean-time, a wee video from last year, demonstrating how shit can happen fast in our sport, with a mast trying to get back to harbour before it’s host boat. We wish this to happen to … no one.

2. Good goodies!

At Gréement Courant S.A., we have a tendency to think a lot about you guys. And you had been asking for these for a while, so … here they are. The new ceramic penknives. We have tried them out on the TP52’ runner strops – watch out they are sharp, and will go through Dyneema® and Kevlar like in a pat of butter. They will be perfect for your workshop or in your seaman case. Price and details are to follow soon on our FACEBOOK PAGE. And anyway we will have them with us at La Trinité !

That’s all for now folks, so until next week, stay safe, and listen to THIS good stuff.

You stay classy San Diego,


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